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Urban Cowboy Nashville is a  Queen Anne Victorian mansion comprised of eight guest suites, each with their own clawfoot tub. There are two communal parlors that foster conversation and connection. Whether you're a musician, an artist or simply a whiskey connoisseur. The Cowboy is nestled in the heart of East Nashville, which is a thriving oasis for the misfits and geniuses that give music city its soul.

It is surrounded by farm-to-table restaurants, craft coffee, dive bars, live music, and lesbian karaoke. The mansion is only five blocks from Five Points and a five minute drive from downtown, where honky-tonks and cowboys sing for their supper. 


Our Story


In May of 2014, Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks opened the Urban Cowboy Brooklyn.
What started as a passion project became an obsession, as Lyon discovered a creative outlet in design. He built his dream house and opened it up to the world as a much needed antidote to the mind-numbing pace of Manhattan. Soon their home became a staple of Brooklyn culture. A place where big ideas went to grow and life-long friends were made. "The Cowboy" evolved into a community of travelers and artists, coming from all over the world, responding to the rumors of such a magical place.

As the Urban Cowboy Brooklyn community began to grow, so did the brand. Just as word about Urban Cowboy had spread to like-minded seekers around the world, so too did word of cool things happening in a city down south: Nashville, TN.  Lyon and Jersey decided to experiment with extending the Bed and Breakfast to East Nashville. Within two hours of landing in Music City, they found the old Victorian mansion as if by providence. And so it began.